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With nature as its heartbeat, fierce beats, stubborn arrangements, melodic wave sounds and sounds taken from life as a soundscape, Sillatune creates intense, atmospheric electro vibes.

Sillatune was not created by chance with the help of nature, namely the birth of Lore's daughter Yoko. Indeed, shortly after giving birth, Lore experienced a form of postnatal creativity while ironing. The repetitive, floating ironing movements created an unexpected, cosmic energy in the artist's mind. She found it blissful to get lost in that musical, unforced, organic universe.

That's where it all came together: a world of layered and exciting arrangements with room for cheese grating (Spaceshuttle), coloured wax crayons (Olive) and a baby heartbeat (Yoko). The urge for that little escapism behind the ironing board grew larger and larger, the ironing basket smaller and smaller. And an LP later, Sillatune is ready to share both the music and the ironing board with the public. Image and sound reinforce each other, resulting in one big authentic (dance) experience and visual music liveshow.

Lore Dejonckheere: voice, keys, theremin

Joe Cnapelinckx: keys, bass, quitar

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Dear Friends!!


Check and listen the (pre-order) page of SILLATUNE:


The release @Zebra Bar Gent was great. Thank you for coming.

Planning new shows; keep you posted!


Thankx for support and voting!

Lore and Joe

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